Blu-Rays never really took off did that they.

Or did they? I dunno…

Almost killed Sony in the process.

I mostly just Blu myself


Funny name for a thing

‘Im gonna go to the blu-ray shop and buy some blu-rays’



Sales took a nose dive after one of them murdered Steve Irwin


I miss bonus features.

No. Not really. I’ve got a Blu-Ray player and still subscribe to Cinema Paradiso as that’s a very good to get hold of straight to video Scott Adkins films.

Mini Discs were the shittest invention. Lost my mini disc on the tube one night and was glad. Bought a Disc man and preferred that.

Blu-Rays ok. Mini Discs shit.

:arrow_up: it’s what tech-y people chant when entering the thunderdome.

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Player, player, player, player, player, player, player, player, player, player, player, player, player, player, player, player, player, player.


Poor mans laser disc

Still used for non-DCP film screenings hactually, and the film nerds I know that still do have physical copies of films have Blu-rays. Still a living medium ime


I have a few. Films from like the 70s and 80s, Blue Velvet especially look fucking bee-eautiful. But with HD streaming / downloads, they are sort of redundant unless you want the nice collectors’ editions (which are reeeeallly nice) with special features on

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I got rid of most of my DVDs, have a smallish collection of blu-rays but mostly only buy films I really love in 4k now, which usually come with a blu-ray version.

I do not own a 4k TV nor a 4k player.


My boyfriend has loads - including a lot of duplicates where he had the DVD, then got it on blu ray and didn’t get rid of the DVD.

I get annoyed with him taking up loads of space with duplicate stuff that he doesn’t need. He gets annoyed when I call them all DVDs. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’ve never had a blu-ray player, and the only blu-rays I have are the Star Wars boxset I got it because I got to attend the launch of said boxset at the BT Tower where I met Anthony Daniels, which was pretty cool for me as someone who grew up absolutely obsessed with Star Wars. Never, ever watched them, think they might be in the boot of the car for some unknown reason.


Don’t have a huge expensive telly and i genuinely cannot tell the difference between dvd and blu Ray when playing through the play station. Dvds, modernish ones, do a decent job of upscaling themselves, never felt the need for anything sharper.

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They were probably in development for years until broadbands speeds meant that streaming was far more convenient


What actually are they? Just DVDs but HD?

PlayStation 3s and above are actually extremely good Blu-ray players (far better than equivalent money standalone players) and they upscale DVDs superbly. That said if you played the same film in both formats back to back you would spot the difference, it’s a clarity thing.


DVD scale: 720 x 480
Blu-ray scale: 1920 x 1080
4k scale: 3840 x 2160
8k scale (cinema): 7680 x 4320


Can’t wait for 64k. Gonna jack off everywhere