Blu-Rays never really took off did that they.

Some PS2 game disks had a blue shiny side. Nice.


Only output 720p


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Yeah they looked pretty cool

I like Blu rays . Play em on my old PS3 Got a few of my faves. Good shit

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For games, yes (still upscaled to 1080p).

Blu-rays are played at 1080p.

Isn’t Bluetooth named after someone called Bluetooth? Pretty sure if it was a name, then it wouldn’t have “blu” but the proper spelling

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The name was inspired by a conversation with Sven Mattisson who related Scandinavian history through tales from Frans G. Bengtsson’s The Long Ships , a historical novel about Vikings and the 10th-century Danish king Harald Bluetooth

Good old Harald Bluetooth


Must have been notoriously bad at making connections.


Always quite jealous of Erik WiFi


Yeah I buy some stuff on that format cause I like to have actual things and I notice frame rates and compression, plus like to know I’m not going to get some internet cut out midway through a film cause I’m a big geek. We have all the decent Disney and Pixar on it for the kids. Just got Dune and Come and See (all the bfi and criterion ones are lovely), probs the first things I’ve bought in 6 months.

Still rocking them on the PS3, have had an extraordinary amount of value out of that console.

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My PS3 is like 12 years old and just keeps on truckin


Yeah it’s amaze. No qualms in replacing with a PS5 as it’ll likely be the last of its kind with a disc player. Hoping for another glorious decade (probably when the chip shortage ends tbh)


Got loads of them. Nice to watch a film yoy love looking dead good on your big telly. Nice to have bonus features. The Criterion Collection ones are lovely things.

Loved MiniDiscs too. What the hell are you on about?

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Yeah, I skipped the PS4 but definitely picking up a 5 if/when the prices come down or they put out the inevitable better designed slim version. It will be my 4k player predominantly since I haven’t really played much on consoles for years but having a young godson it’ll be worth having some games he can play too.

No it doesn’t. 1080p for blu ray

Blu ray is excellent and very cheap now. If I buy a film I want to rewatch I’ll always aim for blu ray

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Still got mine plugged in. Use it for PS1 games and favourites that never got ported to the new machines


And funnily enough its contemporary rival was the HD DVD but it had terrible studio support., Plus PS3 played blu ray so HD DVD came and went within about two years

All you need: 420x69


Just a pair of sunglasses at the end of the day. You’re paying for the name.