Blu-tac Modelling Thread

Show off your sculpting skills.

Other modelling media will be accepted. This is a broad church.

I’ve made this rather stylish boot.

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I can make an origami water balloon. Interested?


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It’s the earth and the moon


and a stray hair

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Okay so my colleague just asked me what I was making

Obviously you’d need stronger and bigger paper for a decent sized water bomb

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I have a decent amount of hair rn


How’d you make that with just blu tac

I’d forgotten about them until recently! My dad made some to entertain our girls when we were waiting for our food to arrive at the pub.

I nearly made one of those things that you put your fingers in and count “one two three four…” and then open up to reveal some hidden message… But I couldn’t remember the rules for how to play them. I would have just written rude messages about @saps anyway.

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I made one out of a photocopy of an Ordinance Survey map that I printed out for our bank holiday walk. OSrigami if you like*.

*You may not like.

I know it isn’t Blu-tac but high quality art is always appreciated on these boards, here are a couple of pieces that I worked on over the Christmas break:


You bet we like it!

Solid work, Baloinks.

And Happy New Year to you, old fruit.