blu tack

what is it?

fascinating stuff. How does it stay sticky forever when it’s in a big chunk but the little bits go hard and miserable after time.

Is it useful for anything other than sticking posters to your teenage bedroom wall?

blu tack!

Uhu glue - done and dusted!
Pritt stick - yesterday’s man!
Tipex - whooooo cares?!
Paperclips - not seen one for twenty years!

Yet Blu tack still survives in the 21st century.


Yeah but why is it blue?

because it’s blu tack!

White tack is also available, and I swear I’ve seen a green version around but that might just be dreeeeammms

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The back of the pack has a handy guide - holding up a toy motorcycle while you paint it is one serving suggestion.

think I’ve had the same blob in a drawer for about a decade now so no wonder I didn’t realise

Had a friend at university who tried chewing some as she was out of chewing gum. Tasted horrible apparently