Blue cheese

Absolutely delicious in all its forms. Good cold in a sandwich or on crackers, even better in a sauce or dip or with a steak. Mild, strong, and everything in between, it’s a winner for me. Blue cheese chat today then.




The best, could happily just sit and gobble roquefort without any accompaniment. Pure joy.


Can only enjoy it when I’ve had A LOT of red wine. Otherwise can’t stomach it.

The best.

big fan

only interation i find disappointing is stilton and broccoli type soups. hoogy reckons there’s good shit out there but i’m yet to find it.

Not for me thanks

The only really great broccoli and stilton soup I’ve had is my mum’s. I’ll get her to make you some.

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Don’t be blue, cheese

  • creamy stuff with some little bits of blue in it
  • just give me a block of absolutely honking mold please
  • n/a

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Ooooh now there’s an interesting one. I ‘quite like’ it, in small doses. Some are better than others, and I definitely think it’s an acquired taste rather than one you like straight off the bat.

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Love blue cheese and love broccoli and stilton soup.

Crumbling blue cheese into scrambled eggs on a toasted whatever is a real treat.


Blue cheese dip is a big thing now isn’t it. For wings and that. Good development imo.


had some god awful blue cheese dip the other week. was not good.

What were you dipping in it?

I have previously eaten enough blue cheese in one sitting to give myself a cracking migraine, and that didn’t put me off it. Lovely stuff.

For the record, the amount of blue cheese required to give me a migraine is ‘a lot’

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Here’s an opinion I sometimes say:

‘Saint agur is the best ‘brand’ cheese that can be purchased at pretty much every supermarket in the country’

And I stand by it


Nope, nope, nope

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That’s a good opinion