Blue Planet II


What a bloody lovely man.


No need



Undeniable national treasure.


Christ, was really fearing the worst when I saw this.


Did we not say RIP threads have to say it in the title?


Dunno boss.


I need a girlfriend.


Reckon we should change the title to blue planet 2 and make this the blue planet 2 thread


I’ll allow that.


just posting in here



Not a fan.


Ok, I’ll bite: why not?


this is going to be dreadful

  • Think his programmes are twee and boring (same with all nature programmes tbf)
  • He’s one of those quasi-racist “We need to have fewer babies” spods
  • I know one of his relatives and he was a total prick so he’s tainted by association.

In short, I have no time for him.


Should i put him on a little holiday with the Burnley Bigot until 2297?

These are scandalous #ONIONS.


I’ve said it a hundred times on here and I’ll say it a hundred times more. Fuck Old Man Attenborough and his blue shirts.


I’ll punch you on the bloody nose, you heretic.


Can’t believe what I’ve just read. Just can’t believe it


DEAD excited for MBV 2018!!!