Blue Planet II



Was unsure about radiohead being involved in the soundtrack (Hans Zimmer is a-okay) but it’s actually lovely. What’s your favourite of these documentaries? Africa and frozen planet for me :star_struck:


I trust @hip_young_gunslinger will NOT be watching.


The ocean freaks the fuck out of me but I’ll probably watch this and have nightmares


Are you phobic of the sea in general or the creatures?


The creatures, weird bunch of bastards


I like the creatures, it’s the sea that’s the problem for me. Too deep, mainly.


Do you involuntarily hold your breath whenever they go underwater, and then end up coughing and spluttering? I don’t.


I don’t really understand this question, are you asking if I can… breathe underwater?


Like I give a shit about fucking frogs or whatever.


find swimming pools a bit scary tbh.


I don’t


No, like whenever you’re watching Blue Planet and there’s a scuba diver or whatever and they dive underwater, do you find yourself holding your breath as they go underwater like you’re going underwater too but you’re not underwater only they are underwater???


I do this when people go underwater in films


Ah yes, I understand. The answer is “yes, of course I do”


So does @Antpocalypsenow! I ship that.


idk man,


Im not scared of sharks or swimming pools because I am a big brave boy.


There’s a sort of weird teaser episode out now isn’t there? When’s the first real episode out?


It would be good* if the earth was dry and you could walk through all these valleys and mountains and canyons on the sea floor. Maybe some virtual reality boffins could make that happen.

*not good for life on earth, but you know what I mean