Blue Yetti Microphone for sale

Ello! Yer resident tradesman Duck here again. Just selling my Blue Yeti USB mic which I never user anymore. It’s fully functional but does have scuffed paint, all cosmetic general scuff marks you’d expect from equipment used in a studio will require you buy a mini USB cable as I don’t have one to provide.

The Washer on left side of the stock mic stand is missing but easily replaceable. Able to hold mic into position just fine without it though, I personally used it on a boom mic stand anyways, the stock one is only good for table top podcasting.

Used to use it for recording sessions but as I no longer do this it’s not something I need to hang onto. These microphones are great for podcasts and direct digital feeds into PC which prevents line noise and interference as well as elminates the need for pre-amp. They’re regarding the industry standard for podcast recording as well if thats something you’re looking for

£35[no original packaging] ONO + £7 postage]
Generally speaking these start selling from £60 on ebay used. There are cheapers ones on Ebay but appear to have faults that prevent them from functioning.

It has loads of different modes and setting allowing you to record voice or an entire room very easily, its excellent for bedroom recordings.

This is the Amazon page for this Microphone

PM me for more details


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