Bluedot Festival 2019

Kraftwerk confirmed


Holy shit

Such a great festival too. bit of a pain to get to, mind

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I was at the first 2 Blue dots, there were amazing.
Gutted that I don’t have the money for this.

This is such a suitable/great booking.

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Have always had a suspicion that this is a very male dominated festival and is attended by people who retweet Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Is there any truth in that? Very happy to be proven wrong as am on the lookout for a festival next summer.

No, surprisingly. Very eclectic crowd: some families there for a day out, 6music listening thirtysomethings, and a Bestival-y dress up clubbing crowd sprinkled throughout.

The whole science/planet aesthetic of it really sets it apart from the likes of Green Man or End of the Road and there’s always lots of cool installations and talks. It’s not the best festival I’ve ever been to but for the price and generally interesting programming, it’s a nice weekend.

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it’s a very family friendly festival - there were quite a few very young children with and in some cases without ear muffs on this year, so in so far as any festival is a suitable place for a 6 month old baby, yes, it would be. not really sure anyone of that age is particularly suited to that sort of environment, mind. I think we paid around £170 or something, but i can’t remember, we were tricked into going by my wife, who got a group of us to drink far too many bottle of prosecco one evening, before twisting our arms into buy the tickets there and then.

Does anyone know if Kraftwerk have updated their show recently? The 3D show they were did four years ago was superb, but I’ve seen it twice already.

yeah, there were very few people in their 20s compared to other festivals and everyone had taken more than enough tent space for them and all the friends they were camped with, meaning it was really cramped in the campsite.

Thanks! We’ve been thinking of going to Blue Dot for a few years now, so might end up going anyway, but will probably wait to see what the rest of the bill is like before deciding.

Must admit, it is the kind of show I could watch 15-20 times over a few years, but would have loved it if they mixed it up a bit.

When the Chemical Brothers were on last year, a couple had a baby that couldn’t have been much more than 3-4 months in a garden trailer, without ear defenders. They were about 15m from the front, in the middle of a dense crowd of people who were drinking, smoking … and other things.
Make your own judgement on whether that was acceptable.

There’s a lot of families at the festival though and it actually means a nice mix of people and a really laid back, friendly atmosphere overall.

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Saturday day tickets acquired, for less than standalone Kraftwerk tickets cost in Bristol last year… for which I failed to get tickets. And I’ve always wanted to visit Bluedot. Ace.

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Pretty solid lineup. Lot of the usual suspects in the undercard but New Order/Kraftwerk/Hot Chip is a great trio.

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Jon Hopkins is a great choice too, dont you dare leave him off, probably has the best live show of the lot!

Actuallly this os the best Blue Dot Line up imho

Really strong lineup. Lots to like. Shout out also for how superb Kate Tempest is live, although not sure what sort of show she’ll be doing here - assume it will be a new ‘band’ show as opposed to more of the readings and poetry that have been her main pursuit recently.

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Pretty solid line up - I’d love to see Kraftwerk again, obviously, but there’s enough on the under-card to interest me and it’s one of the loveliest best organised festivals I’ve ever been to. Problem is that it’s more than a bit of a pain to get to, so probably won’t end up going again this year.

Would deffo be considering this if it didn’t clash with Latitude - my mate’s house is literally walking distance…