Bluedot Festival

Anyone going this weekend?

I’m looking forward to delving into some of the science stuff alongside the music. Will be a novelty to return from a festival wiser than when I left!

Fancied it last year and this, but I can never make the dates work. Let us know how it goes!

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Oh I wish.

I recommend the whyte horses experience to anyone who’s going. Just wonderful.

Was gonna go on Friday just to see meilyr jones but can’t get the time off work

Don’t miss the current Soulwax live set.


I know people working it, would have been up for that but am busy with a festival in Brighton.

Dream Wife, Horsebeach, and Shura are my highlights. The latter I’ve been trying to see for a year.

Was there last year and it was amazing. Such a great crowd and, to be honest, after the shitfest that was Glasto it was great to be on a small site, in the sunshine.

Only going for the Saturday this year but it should be great.

Went last year (also after Glasto) and loved it. Well curated line up, amazing setting, great talks and the friendliest, smartest festival crowd I’ve been amongst.



Unfortunately not this year, but did go last year and had an excellent time. Great looking line up again, but it was enjoyable just popping in and out of the various science talks as much as anything.

Really want to see him again, but won’t be able to get there til later on Friday :frowning:

Well this was brilliant even if I was a bit withered by the sun come Sunday.

Musical highlights being Pixies, Galaxians, Soulwax, Post War Glamour Girls (plus their frontman Jim Konapinski’s hilarious spoken word set) and Caro.

High & Lonesome’s roots stage had such a good atmosphere about the place too, perfect for laidout lazy listening.

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