Bluesday Morning Thread

Got the hump with Europcar. After losing my Saturday night chasing around on the phone and having to get to Heathrow to pick up a replacement car, now I’ve been charged a spurious £42 one way rental charge. Another hour on the phone today, no doubt, arguing the toss.

Just can’t be arsed.

So fucking tired too.

Football later.


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I think there’s about a 98% chance that one way or another, it’s going to cost you at least £42 to get that money refunded.

Tired. Least it’s not raining yet.


Just got to work when went to get my cereal… is this hippo meant to be… sexy?


Sorry for posting more holiday photos…just done a brutal 10 mile hike up and down the Great Wall - I am 100% not fit enough for this…great views though. Got a cold and I’m feeling a bit broken.



Walking to work and forgot my headphones. All that noise.

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Taking myself and The Child to the doctor at 9.40.

Hope you’re both okay and it’s nothing serious.

Coming back from a Nightshift.

Crappy drive to work because some bell ends had had an accident in the motorway roadworks, so that got reduced to two lanes without a hard shoulder. I shouldn’t be so irked so early in the day. Then I got in to find that someone had invited me to a regular meeting before 9am. Erm. No.

I’d just like to go home and go back to bed tbh.

Actually feeling quite good today.

I doubt it’ll last.



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How much work will japes do today

  • 8 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 2 hours
  • 30 minutes
  • 0 minutes

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My laptop won’t log on so I think it may finally be dead.

Bf was being a bit of a dick last night and this morning and then stormed out of the house early without saying bye so I cycled to work and didn’t log it on my strava so he will have to stop his strop and text me to ask if I made it to work. Yeah I’m a pathetic lil bitch what you gonna do about it.

Morning all.
Cafe this morning as a work farewell. Work didn’t pay, but still, full breakfast beats working. But full breakfast before running was a bad idea.
Spent the rest of the day enjoying a fucking epic meltdown by the NZ Tories - basically one of 'em was getting kicked out for leaking, so he quit instead, while accusing his leader (Simon Bridges) of being corrupt, and of making up sexual harassment allegations against him as a threat. Oh, and then the Deputy PM in the left(ish) coalition turned up to a press conference, played a 30s clip of a song called ‘Burning Bridges’ on his phone, and walked out (that’s the short version; lefty NZ Twitter is in fucking heaven at the moment). Good coverage here

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Can some dissers apply for this, please?

Under the weather so working from home :sneezing_face:

Ooooooooooo work is bad. Things going wrong beyond my control. CBA.

Same, day two for me. Thinking i might just sack it off and go back to sleep

In Glasgow for work and a viewing later. It is not raining, promising

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You sure you’re in the right Glasgow m8