Bluesky Tuesday

No Tuesday thread yet?

I was planning on a full day in the office, but I overslept again, so I’ll WFH and head in at lunch.

I don’t have much planned apart from, gym and sauna tonight.

Weather is glorious out, this is my current WFH window view. Tempted to ditch work and go for a walk or run.


You won’t believe whats trending in the Other Place Tuesday Thread

There is another Tuesday thread? I know I’ve not had coffee yet, but I can’t see it,unless I’ve somehow muted it.

It’s a lovely day in KT20, but I’m far too distracted by work to properly enjoy it. I was planning on going to the gym at lunchtime for a run, but maybe I’ll go for a walk around the countryside instead.

If there is another one then I can’t see it either

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Morning champs

Had a random coffee morning with my team and discovered the very nice, softly spoken young man who just started* is into the nastiest, filthiest sludge metal available to humanity. Quite pleased with this revelation.

Hope you’re all well

*about 2 years ago. I try not to pay any more attention to what goes on around here than is strictly necessary


Nice and sunny but pretty windy here.

Agreed to work overtime today and pretty much instantly regretted the decision. It’s a horrible job that I’m going in for as well.

Beans + sausages on toast for brunch before I go.

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One side of the building is really blue, one side is really cloudy.

I got a new work laptop, thanks to :cloud: cloud magic :cloud: everything has moved across except my downloads folder. I have had this laptop for 5.5 years. There’s quite a lot in there. Some of it might need archiving. How far should I go back?

  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 18 months
  • Longer because why not
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Got a Borders choc ginger with my coffee. Highlight of my day until about 4 tbh - deadline, tiny break, back to back meetings

Enjoy weather while walking to a flat viewing later though, which we will have to make an overnight decision about once more. Ahhh


Gonna find some soothing music I think

I still regularly reference emails from >10 years ago. People think I have this vast knowledge of the business, but really it’s just because I never delete anything ever.

  • Run at lunch, sexy tennis film straight after work
  • Run straight after work, sexy tennis film later tonight
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Same, life long public sector so I always keep my receipts.

Really bad at emptying the trash for the stuff I do get rid of, though. Just in case. My outlook slowed to a crawl, I called IT and they were like “have you tried emptying the trash?”. Thousands of emails in there. Thousands. Don’t get archived either, like my inbox does.


Got some careers training this morning :smiling_face:

Greetings from Hoogy HQ. The sky is blue, all day every day.


Morning all!

Came up with a Christmas song this morning so gonna try and get that down tonight

Also put up a recent musical effort on socials and got some nice comments which has made the whole month better tbh. Really need to just keep cracking away at an album for my own MH


Shortlisting candidates for a vacancy today. 45 applicants. Zzzzzz.

In nicer news, I got tickets for Waxahatchee in Brighton in July. That’s nice.


A successful last minute dash to get the recycling out, the sun is out so a lunch walk is on the cards. Bit of a nothing day ahead, will try and find something on Mubi to watch as that expires tomorrow.

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I’m doing a shoot with a band tonight, and I thought the weather might be a bit miserable, but the forecast has completely changed and it’s going to be sunny all day, so now I’m wondering if I should be getting home early and getting some sunshine into the pics


What’s his username?