Same please if poss. Ta

Give me an invite you shits


  • I too would like an invite
  • Can’t believe you lot are getting on ANOTHER social media platform after all this
  • I like polls.

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Ello cru represent

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Since it’s been a few weeks the last round of pleading, anybody got an invite for this? I’d love to get on there.

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I got this now


just checked and I have zero invite codes :dotted_line_face:

Don’t especially love or trust Jack, but this seems to be where people I follow are moving to, and it’s got to be better than the other place.

Another invite request if anyone’s got a code please!

I signed up a while back and haven’t used it yet. I do seem to have two invite codes though - anyone want the second one?

I’ll take it if it’s still available

Would love an invite code right now if anyone has one going?

Every time I see bsky in the URL, I always think it’s BSkyB.


If anyone else has managed to get on this yet, I’m now on there

No invite codes currently soz

on as

All codes gone for now, I’ll post if I get any more.


Followed you both, @froglet and @wewerewerewolvesonce

I’m markarkark on there

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Just followed you people too. I am bemicu over there


Thanks for this, I am ma0sm now

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I like that there’s an option to “Require alt text before posting”, good for a11y

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Yeah, definitely worth switching the reminder on.

I’m on Bluesky if anyone cares for occasional posts about synths and/or cats.

man these URLs are ugly

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