yo urls on bluesky be like lol amirite


I have a couple of codes.

Someone has followed me who hasn’t posted a username in this thread and whose username I don’t recognise. If it was someone off here let me know and I’ll follow back

I could go for one of those codes if there happens to be a spare one knocking about

Probably me. My profile header pic is the Rayban stage at Primavera.

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I am squidmarquis on there.

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just did my first post

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I keep thinking it’s a Soviet remake of Bluey.


Would love one if it’s still going

Have sent my codes to @colossalhorse and @riverwise


It’s me, hi, I’m on Bluesky it’s me

Also got two codes if anyone wants one

Just realised if I use this one I have to mute all the mildly annoying people again

Ah just muted Michael Fry, all is well


Is there a way to make notifications silent without turning them off?

I’d love one if available, please

DMed you

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going to post something any minute now

Would love one if still available please?