Will DM!

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I like how most of the track is a single guitar solo

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I’ll just wait on the waitlist and see how it pans out.

I’ve been on it a few months without a peep. Think they must be using it as a last resort in case invite sign-ups slow down.

Label me is there - on Bluesky

Yes @Kallgeese :fist:t2:

Let’s have an invite then

I have one, can’t DM you tho

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I’d love a code if anyone has one thank you

you can open up a new DM in the menu and type my name :slight_smile:


Prof could’ve bothered his arse sending YOU a DM when you’re doing HIM a favour. So send me it instead.


Soz, I’ll see if I get another once that one is used.

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rinsed mate.

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Anyone else need an invite?

Go on then.

I’ll have an invite if anyone has a spare, please. Unless someone else wants it.

I’m not on this, was just curious.

Bit of a dick move that joke, sorry

Is this actually any good?

Bit quiet at the moment, but it otherwise has a feel of Twitter circa 2015 about it - need to build up my following list etc.