Bluetooth Speaker Recommendations Please

Thinking about a Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus with 360 degree sound however is quite expensive so just wondered what else might be out there.

I do quite like the idea of the handle though as I move around alot so makes it easier/safer to carry from room to room.

My current speaker is a lower end Bose which is decent enough but reviews seem to indicate the Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus would be a decent step up.

Unsurprisingly I like alot of shoegaze, post punk and rock etc so would like something that will bring out the best sound.

All advice/reco’s welcome.

I’ve got the older model of this and it’s fantastic. I recommended it to a friend who bought this version last summer, and she’s more than happy with it too

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Got one of these - does the job and only cost £8 :+1:


(Serious answer, my main speaker is an Audio Pro T4 - sound is great but, despite having a handle, it is not particularly transportable…)

This is a bit more expensive than Rob’s recc above but i bloody love it. Use it in a coldroom at work with fans whirring all day and the sound is more than meaty enough to overcome that. Nice balance to the output too. It’s hardy as fuck too. Been dropped loads.

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I’m after some bluetooth bookshelf speakers and I just can’t tell what’s good and what’s guff any more

although i’m tempted by this because of how pretty it is…

I have got 2 of these (Bose Soundlink Revolve). The sound is excellent and deep. They are not the ones with the handle though but the initial model.

There is an issue with one of them though which, from searching for a solution, seems quite common. The issue is they stop charging, this can be overcome by a hard reset and is easily fixed, but that is an issue for a relatively expensive speaker to have.

I would recommend for their sound, aesthetic and design, the 360 sound is great. I would, if I went back in time knowing what I know now have bought Sonos instead, a similar model / price as I have read no issues with their similar products.

Very timely!

I just ruined my Bose Mini Soundlink 2 (which I loved) by getting a bit of water from the shower splashed in it.


Anyone got this?

We’ve got a UE Boom 2. Works well, imo. Depending on your penchant for silly colours, you can get the “unicorn” colour UE Boom 3 for £90 rather than £130 from John Lewis atm.

Had mine for coming up 6yrs and it’s been incredible really

Mate I’m gutted. Amazing sound from something so small.

Make sure you don’t get it wet

+1 for UE.

The TV also has an older one of these (more cube shaped ‘SRS-11’ I think…) and it’s great. Imagine it’s in the cost bracket below the Bose one if you don’t have that much cash to splash.

I bought this about a year ago and love it. Great bass sound, very loud and the battery life is brilliant.

I’ve got the JBL charge 4 (I think). It’s great. Good sound, waterproof, have taken it to the beach, down the allotment in the rain. Does a great job

Ended up buying the UE Wonderboom 2 on your recommendations, sounds amazing so thank you!


Wahay!! :partying_face: