Bluetooth turntable and speaker

I’ve decided that in my little flat it might be better for me to have a bluetooth enabled record player and bluetooth speaker - rather than the three (yes, three!) DJ turntables, pre-amp, mixer and speakers that are currently taking up too much space than I can afford.

Has anyone else bought a bluetooth turntable and speaker(s) and be able to provide me and the rest of us here with the benefit of their experience, regarding whether it’s actually a good idea, what brands/models are worth looking at and where to shop for them?

Thank you.

as long as it’s a decent brand of TT and not one of those Crosley or Ion fucking things you’ll be fine

i’d stick to Richer Sounds for this sort of thing.

if you’re feeling flash, and want a legit great TT that’ll last you yeaaaaaaaaaars then go for the Pro-Ject essential 3 BT

if you want a basic entry TT that’s not amazing but not bad either, then:

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Wouldn’t it be worth keeping one of your turntables and run it into a AMP/Reciever that is capable of Bluetooth transmission which can then feed to a pair of bluetooth speakers? I have an inkling that any reasonably priced bluetooth record player won’t be as good as the ones you’ve got based on the set up you have

Thanks, with the money I’ll get from selling my old DJ gear I can spend it on the better of the two. :grinning:

I just don’t have the space for them. Unless I move out of London…

This place sells it for a fair bit cheaper. They seem to be reliable… Just a two year warranty instead of six years.