Do you Bluetooth?

Have you gone down the route of wireless headphones yet? Do you fear that you’ll run out of charge on them while you’re out and about?

This thread was inspired by @Epimer 's comment about seeing 9 Bluetooth devices. I can see just two (other than my fitbit) - both macs. Any advance on Epimer’s 9?


yeah I have some Bose bluetooth headphones but they’re getting a bit frayed now because I’ve worn them in the bath too many times


Currently can see 0 Bluetooth contraptions.

Have a Bose Mini Sound Link ii that I use a lot at home. And Bluetooth music to the car from my phone when I’m driving.


thought about getting some but not sure if they’re a faff


They’re not a faff.


My wireless bluetooth noise cancelling headphones are the only thing stopping me from smashing this place up.


I have a Bluetooth keyboard for my phone that I use sometimes when I can’t be bothered to bring my laptop with me. I fondly remember the days of sharing music with friends 2005ish, one track at a time over Bluetooth and everyone having stupid names for their phones (I still do though, every phone I ever had was and still is called phonie mcringring)


Bluetooth in the motor. On work days the work phone hooks up and then I have to go into settings and make my personal phone bluetooth media only,. Every single time. Why isn’t there a default for this.


quite enjoy how it’s named after this lad


I have a small bluetooth speaker in the bathroom and I use bluetooth to connect to my Garmin device. I had a pair of bluetooth running headphones but I never use them.

Thanks for your time.


Bluetooth could be better

Would love to use my headphones for my phone, laptop, TV etc. but the process of resetting and pairing with a new device is too much of a faff


Yes, to use Spotify via Alexa which is plugged into the main hi-fi.



  • use it in my car so I can listen to my extensive The Donnas collection on my phone

  • use it with my noise cancelling headphones at home and on planes because the world is too loud

  • now using it with noise cancelling earphones in my office because there’s a bunch of noisy cunts nearby and I’d rather not be fired for telling them to shut the fuck up, for fuck’s sake, you noisy fucking cunts, I’m trying to work here, GOD


I have a reasonable stockpile of Elgato Avea colour changing lightbulbs


Never use it. Shit for twats.


Only my mac mouse is Bluetooth and it’s a pain in the arse.


Bluetooth speaker which we use in the garden / around the house.

JL radio has bluetooth in the kitchen, means we can listen to Spotify n that.

Got a pair of fairly standard Philips bluetooth headphones when the audio input died on my old phone. Never looked back tbh, can’t remember the last time I used corded headphones. They have never run out of battery when I’ve been on a long train or plane or whatever. Seem to keep going for ages.

My Wahoo Elemnt Bolt uses bluetooth to talk to my phone to upload my bike rides.

Got a Chromecast in the telly and an Audio Chromecast in the stereo. Not bluetooth, but nearly.

Fucking love bluetooth.


I’ve got 11.
2 x Bose Soundlinks
2 x Bose QuietComfort 35s
1 x BMW (my car)
1 x Blaze (FitBit)
1 x Echo 4PU (dunno wtf that is)
1 x GoPro (my go pro)
1 x Jazz Blu (no idea)
1 x Peugot (when was I in a peugeot)
1 x Bluetooth mirror from when I connected to a mirror in John Lewis and played some tunes


some earphones I mean
already have a bluetooth speaker and it’s fine, also have a wireless non-bluetooth mouse and keyboard and they’re good. feel like bluetooth earphones would be more annoying though