My kids’ favourite show Bluey is starting on CBeebies on Monday. Thought I’d give other parents a heads up if they don’t already know it.

It’s an animated show about a family of Australian Blue Heeler dogs. Bandit, the dad, Chili, the mum, Bluey, the big sister and Bingo, the little sister. It follows them and their friends tackling everything from going to the supermarket, to the first day at school, to ADHD, to the death of a bird the family try to nurse.

I can’t speak highly enough about this show. It has perfectly balanced silliness with life lessons with (for want of a better word) family values, all with beautiful animation and amazing voice acting. It also has as much for adults as it does for kids. I genuinely love the Heeler family and could easily watch episodes on my own without the kids. There’s an episode in season two about the kids going to bed that gets me quite emotional and another about a handstand that builds the narrative in a smart loop.

It’s already got a season and a half on Disney plus and two full seasons on Aussie TV. Here are some clips.


It’s so good!


They shouldn’t be showing blueys on CBeebies

Ofcom will be absolutely livid


Only became aware of Bluey about a month ago (via MsWzas access to Disney+ through her brother).

So happy it’s now on CBeebies. It really is superb.


Just watched 17 episodes back to back! :smiley:


Been watching this with the children at school and absolutely love it. (So do they)

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Bit o’ blue fort dads


Are you a teacher? Calypso has her shit together!

I am a teacher yep and I haven’t met calypso yet!

Calypso is Bluey’s teacher. She’s very zen!

Really looking forward to this but couldn’t get it on the iplayer the other day

It is the best tv show after the wire.


Is that the weekend schedule?

Was on after Hey Duggee when I saw it.


Really struggling to get the wording of this to work properly and can’t be bothered to do another rewrite.


Kid loves this. The voices are pure nails on a blackboard awful though.

Really? I love the voices, Bingo is a bit nasally or something sometimes though. Definitely the show that my kids have stuck with the longest without exhausting it.

Fully into this. The 4 year old i live with seems to enjoy it too, she doesn’t object when i put it on but hasn’t got round to actually asking to watch it yet, so it’s not up there with Octonauts or Go Jetters yet.

Good source of ideas for games too, Magical Statues has already become a favourite, and I reckon the shadow game will make an appearance over the summer…

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Glad to hear this is good, a friend of mine from Brisbane is one of the writers and the voice of Docket Boy. He’s a good egg, so glad to hear he’s making good things.



Don’t play Daddy Robot, Magic Feather or “The Grannies” or that’s all you’ll be doing! :smiley:


Petition to @hesastopsiiiiign to remove or change the “Cbeebies” from the thread title - the show’s available in it’s entirety on Disney+ as well, in case anyone is not aware.