I think when you left the last episode was called The Decider (it’s about State of Origin) so anything after that should be new to her as it was only released over here in the last few months.

I dunno if they have released all those new ones for you guys or just the first half of the latest season that came out here last year.

Yes, The Decider is the last one in the batch that finally just dropped.

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Ah, ta. So I was nearly there. Not quite as heavy as I’d thought - coming to terms with the death of a parent, but there’s a coming to terms with residual trauma going on.


yeah, it felt like they were aiming for a similar thing to that episode where bluey and bandit find a bird and it dies at the vets, and then she plays vet and it’s important to her that the bird dies. that episode hit the mark much better for me than this one


That’s a very good comparison I hadn’t thought of. Explains the concept well.

I like the ethereal stuff that crops up from time to time. They do it really well. Is it S1E1 where Bluey’s a fruitbat and flies about and chats with Bandit in the middle of his rugby/Aussie rules(?) game?

And the one where they’re up all night and have completely disturbed sleep. (Discussed by Joe Brumm, I think, in the the first and so far only ep of Gotta Be Done I’ve listened to, and he puts it up there as one of the episodes he’s most proud of, and one where they spent the most time on it, cos he wanted it to be perfect.)

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yeah i love that episode about bingo sleeping but we can’t watch it really as it’s way too emotional for littlun, last time we watched it he was bawling his eyes out for the next episode and a half :broken_heart: turns out it’s very hard to explain to a two and a half year old that it’s a happy ending


On the abstract/ethereal tip: Hey Duggee sometimes goes there too. The Tree Badge episode being a special one that makes me quite emotional.


Fuck. It’s such a great program. An absurd amount of storytelling, creativity, and emotion crammed into such short episodes.

Other moments that proper give me the feels:

  • Chilli and her dad sat on the pier. (The whole episodes a great caper, and that ending seals it perfectly.)

  • When Bluey’s playing with the older girl buddy, in the water/stream, and one of her pals is playing with an older lad, and the two older kids kinda peel off and momentarily get wrapped up in each other rather than looking after Bluey and pal, who are then forced to just get on with playing together and getting along more than they initially wanted to. (edit: Barky Boats)

  • The ending of the camping one with the French holiday pal.



Looked up tickets for Salford but these wheelie bins were the first result


A bit more in here about Space and Onesies. (More than I’d expect from a BBC dot com article).

We looked up for the Lowry but there isn’t a cat in hell’s chance we’re paying £100 for a 50 minute show. is just the international landing point that includes adverts. Here’s the intellectually superior link :wink:

Yeah, and I’m not paying for something that is a whole year off when she might not like it by then

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Ah, didn’t realise it was on - the reference to .com was to the party of the BBC that runs what are basically interesting but distraction fluff or the beeb version of clickbait articles in the strands they don’t link to as sections in their main menu or footer and I always took to be primarily an SEO exercise. E.g these:

Had only ever ended up to the .com versions when clicking on a general internet search result. But turns out they’re available as URLs, too.

The cinema episode is so great.

“It’s just chimps singing songs, mate.”


App is rubbish, mates.

Hoping this won’t be

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There’s a Christmas present sorted!

You can get 20% off the Bluey game on TheGameCollection on eBay with code SAVENOW

Also, there’s a 28 minute episode coming next year