E liked the colours from about 6 months. Loved Bingo and McKenzie by 2. Can follow most of it and asks for it at 2 and a half.
Acts out the entirety of Charades and Sleepytime.

When i get a bit down on it sometimes, i just remind myself how lucky we are that he hates Peppa and Duggee.

I quite like Peppa (whilst acknowledging it’s flaws).

But hating Duggee? :hushed:


Hey man, ask the kid, i quite like it personally.

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Alright, Columbo, his mum hates it if you must know.

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Imagine walking into the living room and your toddler is deep in the post production stages of their Hey Duggee deep lore podcast


Oh, and just time for one more thing…


My parents bought our eldest some Bluey socks for him this morning when they came round. He knew exactly who Bluey was I’ve never seen him watch it, thought it was all about the GBOLs of Octonauts in this house.


Season 3 pt 2 when

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Rough estimate (no inside info) end of May, i’d guess.
They’ll get a release once S3 has finished airing in Australia. They’re about 40 eps deep as far as i can work out so…

We only have access to 6 full episodes that are on YouTube, have watched them all dozens of times now! We could watch the Swedish dubbed version on SVT (Swedish BBC) but think that would be weird. Don’t really want to subscribe to Disney+ tbh. Briefly considered buying a DVD (in 2023!)

I can supply the goods if anyone wants some series 3 part 2

VPN for Aus and watch them on the ABC player

Too much dicking about

New Bluey April 6th in Australia FYIs