Wot no Pat?

I-I-I don’t know about this, Mrs Heeler!

No Mr Monkeyjocks either.

Tbf i do love Pat and am annoyed at forgetting him and Janelle. And Wendy. And The Bin Chicken.

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Lucky’s dad


It’s not the 80s!


My 4yr old daughter has (in her mind) made a friend at the library. She and her dad are usually there the same time as us on Saturday mornings when they run a craft table. They chatted with each other briefly the first day they met and my daughter decided her name was Jean Luc after watching the camping episode that morning.

Every time we go now, she runs over to me, “Daddy, daddy, Jean Luc is here!!” The poor kid has told her her name is Charlotte so much now that she just avoids my kid altogether now.


See ‘Pat-gate’ above.

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:rotating_light: New episodes on Disney+

Better still, in Onesies it introduces a character who is childfree not by choice, and the subject is dealt with in a stunningly thoughtful way.



the guy from Undertale was in an episode of that

that’s all I know about it

We’ve burned through most of the new ones since eldest got home from school. Onesies was good, I personally enjoyed tradies.

The animated scene in the puppets episode is spectacularly well done


An old colleague of mine is an animator on Bluey. The penny’s only just dropped!


Missed out on the first half of these, but watched the second half last night. Great stuff. Loads of genuine laugh out loud moments.

Have now watched nearly all of these new ones again.

‘Space’ is a bit of a tear-jerker, eh?


Rose Byrne, eh? Big leagues!

Apparently these were all available in Australia before we left last year so they weren’t new to F

I was half asleep and simply didn’t understand it. When McKenzie went down the slide what happened?

Well I think there’s ambiguity and implication. Or, at least, in using that as a caveat, in case I’ve misinterpreted it. But…

When he pops out of of the end of the tunnel/slide, on the other side of the bridge (which is subsequently, I think, revealed to be kinda rainbow-y), I take it to be that he’s basically had a little peek into heaven via a black hole.

Anyway, McKenzie pops out, kinda distressed, and says something like ‘my mum left me behind’. And the adult on the other side says no she hasn’t, she’s right here. There’s no need for you to keep coming back to this place any more.

As in, try not to dwell on this, she’s here, no need to worry. And suggesting that Space + Memories is analogous to, or representative of, heaven (in McKenzie’s mind, at the very least).

And that seems to settle him right down so that he can go back to living in the moment and enjoy playing with his pals.

Bluey and pals are there kinda dressed as fairies, and are, I suppose the angels, but mostly there to ground it and make it more understandable on a literal level for kids, if that’s more suited to them

That was my take, anyway. I stand to be corrected. I’ve no knowledge of the status of McKenzie’s parentage and could’ve got this completely wrong.

I think when you left the last episode was called The Decider (it’s about State of Origin) so anything after that should be new to her as it was only released over here in the last few months.

I dunno if they have released all those new ones for you guys or just the first half of the latest season that came out here last year.

Yes, The Decider is the last one in the batch that finally just dropped.

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Ah, ta. So I was nearly there. Not quite as heavy as I’d thought - coming to terms with the death of a parent, but there’s a coming to terms with residual trauma going on.