Blur (seriously, thread titles need to be five characters? Come on...)

The self-titled album (my favourite of theirs) turns 20 today.

Blur are great, discuss etc


Not dead, then? Phew :wink:

My favourite Blue album is probably The Great Escape, because of this:

Also very partial to a bit of Best Days.


HOT TAKE INCOMING always found them boring as fuck, and they all seem like pricks except Coxon who just seems disinterested


They are all pricks, but I’m not fussed about that.


bassist especially. cant stand the guy. but end of a century is great, so evens out

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I relistened to magic whip recently, good album


Great band. Not a GBOL

I like Trimm Trabb best but other Blur songs are also perfectly good. I even liked some of the ones on that album that didn’t have Graham on it, although people largely don’t agree with me as everyone loves Graham. The Great Escape though, really has not stood the test of time too well.

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Repeating myself, but his cheese is lovely.

I was once on a daytime TV show with him and he was rude as fuck, but so are a lot of people who have spent years being told that they are the bees’ knees. Seems like he was always basically there already, though.

I love Blur despite the fact that they are clearly dicks, even lovely Graham. I live in a nice-ish bit of town (veil so thin) and went in our local Coop to get some bread, and they had Stereotypes on the radio, which I thought was awesome.

Never really got on with any of the albums as a whole, but they have some fantastic songs. Badhead off of Parklife always seemed underrated.

They were absolutely amazing when they headlined Glastonbury that time about ten years ago, The Universal and Tender both sounded like the greatest songs ever written

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All Rise is my favourite Blue album for me


You were once on a daytime show with Alex James? As in you were a co-guest?

Because of work, and the nature of TV is that you only really meet people in passing, but yeah. He was on a different segment. As with all of these things, it’s much less interesting when you start digging into it.

Seriously though, really nice cheese.

Great great band. Will probably raise a few eyebrows but if anything I think they are slightly underrated. At least in the sense that they fit into that very highest tier of British bands who remained both experimental/progressive whilst also extremely accessible like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, Radiohead, etc.

Leisure: oh dear, a false start. 5/10
Modern Life is Rubbish: 9/10
Parklife: 9/10
The Great Escape: 6/10
Blur: 8/10
13: 10/10
Think Tank: 8/10

Anyway, I love 'em to bits. Some people disagree. Sad!


What are your thoughts on The Magic Whip?

Yes. In addition, their impact at the time of MLIR and Parklife was massive, it really was. In some ways too big as this whole britpop thing became a horrible cliche. I saw them on the Parklife tour and it was great.


I guess the fact that I completely forgot to mention it despite liking a post up thread about it is pretty indicative. Solid if unspectacular album. Thought I was a spaceman, lonesome street, go out and terracotta are worth price of admission alone. New World Towers and Ice Cream Van Man Wham Bam are pretty dull and should have just been replaced by under the westway. I broadcast and Ong Onf are enjoyable but not really good. Ghost Ship is offensively bland.

So 7/10 for me. Glad they made it and had a more positive (if worse) album to close out the discography than Think Tank


Always remember buying blur and sitting in the carpark of MFI listening to country sad, ballad man while my parents looked as substandard furniture.

Some great songs on there, wish MOR was a bit more unhinged like the live version.

One Love eclipses everything else they’ve released to date.