Blur starshaped documentary

Has anyone seen this doc? its absolutely great, there must be so much unused footage too out there somewhere. Some great live versions and performances.


How does it fit in the DVD player?!


Had it on VHS. Favourite bits were Graham running off at some festival and Damon vomiting on his shoes. Really makes being in a successful band look as treadmilly as it is.

They released a DVD version around about the time they got back together.

nah think they are all horrible people (Coxon aside)

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In fairness, Albarn’s seems to come from a place of massive insecurity rather than massive overconfidence, but yes, you’re otherwise right.

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I dunno, four twenty-somethings surrounded by yes-men and all the booze/gear they could imbibe…

I got the dvd in 2004 I’ll have you know (superb documentary)

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Watched it 20 or so years ago. I don’t remember thinking much of it though, all I can remember is them sitting on a bus singing the Wassailing song.

Looks like it’s here anyway: