Blur - Wembley 8 July

Just announced a comeback gig at Wembley stadium. Support is slowthai, self esteem and jockstrap. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

Interesting support. Can’t imagine how Jockstrap will work at wemberley


Probably just stick to having my very happy memories of the Hyde Park Magic Whip show and let this reunion pass me by, unless they crop at Glastonbury


Same day as Springsteen at Hyde Park isn’t it?

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Yep. Basically immediately prices out anyone who wants to come from a different city and needs to stay over.

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Really, isn’t London quite big?


One of the glasto headliners?

I had that thought but if you already had Arctic Monkeys do you really want another “proper” band.

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Yes but it’s surprising how one big gig can push up hotel prices, so two massive ones (plus whatever other events happen that weekend) during a time of nice weather is going to be horrible.

I had famiy come visit during one of the BST Hyde Park weekends which we didn’t even go to, and they paid something like £250 for a fucking Travelodge in zone 3.


Anecdotally but as someone who travels for work regularly, London hotel prices have gone absolutely wild since the summer. I think it’s a combination of the tourist trade roaring back to life and energy costs.

(I also recently booked hotels for next March’s Hold Steady shows - same hotel, booked the same amount of time in advance, was ~£70/night this year, but ~£100/night next year.)


Yeah, pretty much what I’d guessed based on friends/family coming down. I’ve had to put people up in hotels in, like, Twickenham because anywhere in zone 1-4 is through the roof.

Possibly, they should be part of the conversation. Live nation are saying Wembley is the only uk date.

what ever came of the Coxon allegations?

only reason I ask is I’m kinda surprised to see Self Esteem on there


Going to be a big strain on public transport too given that anyone who wants to go from Wembley/Hyde Park back to east London will be using the same stations. Green Park and Bond Street in particular will be chaos.


Yeah, I was talking about this last week. I can only guess that because it has never been reported other than twitter/reddit then it isn’t properly “out there”. None of my friends were aware and a couple would consider themselves big blur fans. It came up because they saw Graham at a Q &A with matt everitt to promote his new book.

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That is really good to know as I’ll be coming from Norwich, probably will need to get a hotel.

Annoying, as my wife hasn’t seen Blur and really wants to, so this would be a good Christmas present for her, but I’m already going to Springsteen that day.

Seems like a bad clash. Couldn’t they have offset by one day or something?

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Surely they’ll do more shows?

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Yeah, they would need to limber up. Last time they reunited they did a run off smaller shows so I would expect that, but maybe in europe? Dunno.


They’ve got the ol’
“Only UK performance of 2023” but I’m hoping that’s ‘so far’? Every other reunion has come with a handful of small-ish shows. Can’t really afford £120 a ticket right before xmas so may have to keep my fingers crossed for more announced closer to.

Or rely on Twickets closer to…