Blur's '13' album


Pure genius - so underrated, so good. The transition from Trailer Park to Caramel to Trimm Trabb to No Distance Left To Run, one of my favourite sequences of songs ever.


Hugging the o.p.


Amazing album. ‘Caramel’ is my favourite Blur song.


Imagine writing your tear-strewn gospel epic and then deciding it was a good fit for the album opener. And imagine actually being right about it. Amazing.


Joint best album along with Modern Life!


Coffee and TV is one of the most satisfying things to play on the guitar.


It’s Blur at their most fucked up really, isn’t it?


It has its moments. It’s better than The Great Escape at least. Orbit’s production just isn’t tight enough for me.


Got me through my very miserable first year at uni. Lots of listening to Caramel at 3am and howling. (Especially when my gerbil called Caramel died.) First point of call after a break up these days.


Big fan of Trim Trabb. It might be my favourite Blur album too, depends though, doesn’t it?


It does. This is one of the best break up/ drunk too much records.


It’s been my favourite Blur album ever since it first came out :+1:


Right - I’m giving it another go from start to finish. I only own three Blur albums and this is the one I listen to the least.


Because it’s one of the least good.:

Modern Life is Rubbish
Great Escape
Whatever that one from last year was called.

Not by Blur really and therefore outside this list: Think Tank

(Parklife and Modern Life is Rubbish can swap around depending on mood.)


Yeah I own s/t and Parklife. S/t is the one I listen to the most - Song 2 is a little naff and overworn but other than that it’s a cracking album. But let’s see how this goes. I’ve not reached for the skip button yet.


You should listen to Modern Life is Rubbish. It stands up really well, IMO.


Okay, I’ve just skipped B.L.U.R.E.M.I. - it’s no Bank Holiday.


13/Modern Life Is Rubbish (Depending on mood)
Think Tank (it IS a Blur album, and it’s one of the best)
The Magic Whip
The Great Escape


Oh yeah I forgot Leisure. It’s there before 13 and after the two ‘Life’ ones.

Think Tank barely has any Graham on it. It’s more like a Damon solo album.


I really like Think Tank but it seems clear now that it was a kind of a gateway album to Damon’s side projects more than anything else. Stuff like ‘On The Way To The Club’ could even be a Gorillaz song.