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…and any other annoying band naming conventions that have well and truly run their course.


Oh, and thanks for de-capitalising the topic header just to make me look daft!


Bands had an infatuation with punctuation in the noughties before that didn’t they? (most notably exclamation marks).

iForward, Russia!
Los Campesinos!
You Say Party! We Say Die!
Panic! At The Disco
The Go! Team


Definite article + verb

The Hold Steady
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down


Godspeed You! Black Emperor




Let’s not forget the old school…Therapy?


crudified names of other more famous musicians


WHY? have managed to hit pretty much all these criteria at once


literally just mentioned it on another thread, but cant understand this thing about taking a shit band name and trying to make it more interesting by adding random letters:


It’s all about that search engine optimisation


remember when there was a band called DD/MM/YYYY



[[[[vvrssnn]]]] - great album though


fuckin ell, no way am i ever listening to a band called that




Sunn 0)))

Or however you spell it?

Also PRML SCRM - although I quite like this, because I always used to think of it as a different band to Primal Scream…the latter, not really being a big fan of.


Actually, Sunn0))) (which is pronounced as just Sun) have stolen its name from the logo of these amps:

One of my favorite difficult bandnames is The 6ths, as it isn’t easily pronouncable:


Yes, I remember this now!


Makes them easier to google though, which is handy. It could even be the whole point.