Board game nostalgia thread


do any of you board game penoids or just regular DiSers know this one?

me and my sister found it in the house when we were kids; it would have been our older sister’s game back in the 80s. we didn’t even have a working TV, so books and board games were ridiculously exciting. this was even more of a thrill than the spooky old Cluedo set we had.

I couldn’t remember what it was called until yesterday when I found one of the cards rooting through boxes of stuff trying to throw things out.

dinosaurs, lava, treasure, AMMO CACHES. such peril! oh my god you guys, the peril.

let’s have a chat about old board games in a nostalgic way, as the title implies.


Looks mint


imagine if you could do that in chess, everyone would love it.


an aside: I used to find chess dead scary. not so scary I would cry and not play it, but the pieces made me think of like, suits of armor that were also ghosts? and the board was a spooky mansion, and they were coming after you.

not like the triple-decker space chess that you have these days. no atmosphere at all (pun not intended, but definitely noted and not edited).