Board game suggestions


howdy all,
i did this thread last year but never did end up purchasing any.
So what’s a good board game, nothing to penoidy (with apologies to Epimer)?


Who’s it for, what else have they played?


5 Second Rule


something along the lines of a monopoly/game of life/hotel type thing


think you recommeded one last year that a lot of folk agreed with


Recently been playing Crocodile Dentist and Pop-up Pirate.

Will be gifting Kerplunk and one about balancing penguins at chrimbs.



He’s more of a card carrying penoid… LITERALLY!


Thank Christ, the anticipation was killing me.


Lots of people like Ticket To Ride.

(I think it’s shite)


Ticket To Ride is a great entry to penoidism


I do reserve the right to use it again and am willing to rent it out to others (for a fee).


yeah that rings a bell.
how come it’s shite?


It’s just me being a penoid. It’s bland and not very strategic. Thousands and thousands of modern board games to choose from and people choose beige.

But that’s not a very popular opinion.


I quite like Ticket To Ride, but it’s a bit of a stinker with just two people after a couple of goes.


kinda looking for something relatively straight forward, it’ll probably only get pulled out (wayhey) at christmas time. something to drink and talk shite around.


It’s not shite. There is enough strategy to reward repeat plays, enough possibility to vindictively ruin someone else’s strategy to ensure low-level arguments, and super easy to pick up.

It’s not my favourite board game, but it’s perfect as a gateway to Epimer’s more murky activities.


Yeah, that’s fair enough.

Have a look at Codenames, it’s kind of like charades (but less shit) and sets up a load of shit talking.


We had this one last year. It’s basically only connect.
It was quite good but my dad is really good at games and sucked the fun out of it.


I bookmarked this. There’s a longer thread somewhere too.