🎲 Board Game Thread for DiS 2.0 🎲

Because there isn’t one yet. What are you playing? Are you getting any for Christmas? I’ve asked for Roll for the Galaxy :sunglasses:.

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Actually not much lately, as Netrunner tournament season has started so that takes up a lot of my time.

I did pick up the Arkham Horror card game, which is pretty good. Not sure I’d recommend it as a standalone purchase, as the release model is the same as the other Fantasy Flight card games of this ilk so you’ll want to keep up with one pack a month to get the most out of it.

Still loving Scythe. Got a great deal on Exodus: Proxima Centauri, and hope to learn that soon. Also got my Kickstarter copy of Hero Realms through, which is perfectly fine. It’s just Star Realms, really, which is equally fine.

Hmm. That’s still quite a lot, isn’t it? This is why I’m getting rid of a bunch of games.

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are you still being sarcastic?

Board games have seasons?

Ones that have competitive organised play do, yeah.

Also Pandemic: Legacy does in the American TV sense.

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Also I own a game called Seasons. It’s great.

So do different games have different seasons so that they don’t overlap, or is there a general board game tournament season for everything?

Also, what happens in the close season?

I got given a go set as a birthday present last Jan, but haven’t learnt how to play it. I don’t have many boardgames. Just that, an ancient trivial pursuit, scrabble, ancient travel othello and carcassonne.

I need to learn how to play mahjong in the next couple of days, otherwise there’s a chance that I’m going to look a right chump in front of my girlfriend’s extended family.

They’re generally unrelated, but one company - Fantasy Flight Games - has a lot of them. They’ve just started splitting out their stable of games into two different seasons: Star Wars (e.g. X-Wing Miniatures) and non-Star Wars (e.g. Netrunner, Game of Thrones). I think the idea is to prevent overlap in tournaments, but it doesn’t help me because the two I’m interested in are in the same flight.

In the “off-season” (nobody calls it that) you play other things, or play the same things more casually.

Oh right. Seems odd for them to split the seasons by subject matter rather than game mechanics.

Can anyone recommend a good board / card game for two players?

Really like Munchkin, Catan, Carcassonne etc. so something similar. Been looking at Boss Monster but reviews are really mixed for it.

Yeah, it is. Easier to market that way, I suppose.

Twilight Struggle?

I do this basically every time, but almost every game in my collection is good for two players: Epimer | User Collection | BoardGameGeek

It skews towards the heavily penoid end of the spectrum, though. Less penoid two player games we’ve gotten for my gf’s parents are Patchwork, Akrotiri, and Jaipur.

Isle of Skye is meant to be a bit like Carcassonne but with a bit more going on, but I haven’t played it. Race For The Galaxy is popular with two, and I know the plastics (nikkers/mike) like it. Roll For the Galaxy is similar but a wee bit more accessible.

Ultimately though this is a bit “what guitar bands should I listen to next” - there’s an overwhelming amount of stuff out there and it’s all pretty varied!

Card game rather than a board game but Exploding Kittens is a lot of fun!

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What is, RftG or my excellently descriptive thread title?

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This one looks pretty good fun

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Going to pick up some of the Catan expansions before Christmas. Getting a bit tired just having four players when five people live here.