Board games/general penoiding in 2019

It’s New Year’s Day and you’re suffering anyway: might as well break out a board game!

I think we’ll play a few rounds of Mottainai today, which is a 2-4 (but really 2) player card game that is just ridiculously brain-burny and satisfying. It makes me feel really stupid and clever at the same time. It’s also pretty cheap.

What are you playing, hmm?

Lovely stuff.

Got Takenoko and 5 Second Rule for Christmas.

Takenoko’s nice. Kinda like a blissed out Catan where you grow bamboo instead of building settlements.

5 Second Rule is a fun little ‘shout out words’ game. But my family refused to believe Roddy Woomble is a ‘famous Scot’. :man_shrugging:


We’ve gone full penoid with CO2: Second Chance

I have NO IDEA what’s going on. Something about energy markets.


I really like Takenoko too.

Jesus that looks… intricate.

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Played four games of Catan in the last four days, am I a penoid now? Only lost once as well, and that was only because everyone ganged up on me to stop me winning.

Anyone got any tips on what the best Catan expansion is? Or is Catan shit and I’ve embarrassed myself here

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Played The Networks last night which was good fun.

Also setup and started Netrunner, but starting that after a few beers wasn’t the best of ideas.

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Got my brother this for Xmas, going to play it with him this weekend.

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It INTERLOCKS with the infrastructure I built on that spot last turn!!

I’m overstimulated.



Sylvion, Onirim and Castellion are solo games by the same designer (there’s also Urbion). Sylvion is a bit like a tower defense game, and Castellion is sort of like Tetris/Lumines. One Deck Dungeon there is also soloable, as is Forbidden Desert.

Most co-op games can be played solo.

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Played a bit of Deep Sea Adventure over Christmas. Good fun, good scope for screwing people over.

Turns out it’s a piece of piss. All you need to do is propose projects, build the infrastructure, then build a relevant power plant for that region’s energy needs on that infrastructure. Meanwhile, you move your scientists onto projects so you get a free move away from them when you build the infrastructure and onto a climate summit, so you accumulate knowledge in five different green power technologies, which you need to build the right power plants and also to increase your income, which can be split between money and victory points, which you’ll need to do so you had enough victory points to spend on decreasing global CO2 levels so you don’t lose the game due to not meeting all of the UN’s stated climate goals! And also there are lobbyist cards, and private goals for each player to accomplish our you’ll lose the game at the end anyway.

Dead easy.

(Lost three times in a row then gave up in a huff)

My friend got Harry Potter Cluedo for xmas. I think he’s bringing it round at the weekend.

Am I petty enough to refuse to play it? You bet I am.


Fucking hell.

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I have a £10 Amazon voucher: any decent (not massively hard or dweeby) 2 player games I could get with it? Don’t mind paying a bit more.

Mottainai, seriously. You don’t need the deluxe edition, that only has a duplicate deck for 3-4 players. If you can handle Race you can handle this.

Arboretum and Fox in the Forest are also getting a load of hype but I haven’t played them as I don’t think they’ll be my bag.

This one:

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This is good fun as a two player.

Finally played Netrunner yesterday, that’s going to take a while to get used to but I enjoyed it.

which one a


Not penoidy enough at all, but I annoyed everyone by being far too good at Linkee on NYE.