Boards of Canada 2019

No, seriously.

“New” Boards - XYZ, from the 12’’ Peel Session LP due out as part of Warp 30, WXAXRXP Sessions.


When a man is board of Canada, he is bored of life

Marilyn Monroe

Was a very nice surprise to hear this played on Mary Anne Hobbs’ show this afternoon, got it on Spotify now!

Opened the thread cautiously, got excited by the “No seriously…”, then read on and was thoroughly disappointed :joy:

Alright Donald

This is amazing.

Today was further evidence that BOC are fully entwined with my entire soul and fate. Happened by sheer chance to be listening to 6music for the first time in months if not years this morning. When Mary Anne Hobbs announced it I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. One of the legendary holy grail tracks. Pre ordered the EP from Bleep. Holy moly.

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