Boards of Canada's "Music Has the Right to Children" at 20 years old

Music Has the Right to Children turns 20 on the 20th. Pitchfork have done a good article on it.

I love it. The four albums they have put out regularly rotate between which is my “favourite” - for the record, it’s currently The Campfire Headphase - but this is a stand out for me. I love almost every track on it, and for all the reasons outlined in the article.

For me, it’s the greatest Scottish album of all time, and endlessly revealing it’s self to me.

Stand out tracks are_An Eagle in Your Mind_, which is for all intents and purposes the “first” track on the album, and the one that is basically the blueprint. I love the thudding bass that cracks in, and the words that are spoken that I like to sing outloud when it’s on. Also, I love the almost backwards sounding Rue the Whirl.

I do think thought the bettered it with Geogaddi in the end, personally. BUt as I said the favourite switches constantly.


Firmly cemented in my top 5 albums of all time. Maybe we can do a special edition listening club week on it? We have folks lined up for this week and next week but then that could be a good break point before we start the cycle of suggestions again?


There’s a gamelan orchestra performing it in London soon.

Great album, but sure if it would be in my top ten Scottish albums mind

Was going to DM you the exact same suggestion.



I appreciate the fandom here.

Great record, obviously :slight_smile:


I need to get into this record. They’re a group I’d never really given much time until literally the past couple of months where I’ve been absolutely devouring Tomorrow’s Harvest. I can’t get enough of it.

i found tomorrows harvest a bit boring tbh so if you liked that then mhtrtc will blow yr mind


Not sure if this makes sense but although I reckon Music Has The Right To Children is their greatest album I find I listen to Campfire Headphase most often.

BoC are just brilliant though, aren’t they? When I first heard them I was one of those ‘real music, real instruments’ pricks and they just blew that all away.

I think Geogaddi is my favourite but wouldn’t have been possible without MHTRTC so understand why it gets the plaudits.

I’d love some more BoC

Interesting to see so much love for campfire - never clicked for some reason.

Love mhtrtc. Picked it up on a whim on release, just as i was getting in to electronica. Blew my mind then, still does today.

They’re a once-in-a-generation ‘band’. Spawned a whole legion of imitators in a way which is rare in the electronic world. You’ve probably got to look forward 10 years to Burial to find the next artist to have that impact in the community.

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Looks like I randomly chose the right day to wear this t-shirt then! Love BoC, I think mhtrtc is my favourite but it varies.


I did when it first came out too, just went through a phase of listening to more ambient stuff of late and thought I’d give it a go again and it clicked.

maybe i should give it another go then

Getting board of these album anniversaries…

This is now the (Happy) Cycling thread.

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Everything’s Getting Older, pal.

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fantastic record.

  1. In a beautiful place in the country EP
  2. Tomorrow’s harvest
  3. Music has the right to children

But really they are all 11/10 records.

Love BoC.

Started getting into them properly just before The Campfire Headphase so that’ll always be my favourite but they’re all better than most other albums ever.