Boats are alright aren’t they. Handy for getting to watery places. Little bit of magic about how they don’t just sink.

There’s lots of types of boats too, and some of them are ships as well, although I don’t really know what the difference is.

Anyone got any good boat stories? Favourite boats, anecdotes about driving boats, anecdotes about falling off boats, anything.

Sick of em

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Boats Myhill

I believe there’s a term for that: boatsick.

No thank you


Oh yeah, sorry. I meant sick on them.


Maybe you just haven’t found the right boat for you? There’s a lot of variety, persevere!

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My aunt and uncle have had a narrowboat for donkey’s years. That’s probably my best story.

Slim pickings!

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Hmm. I’d call that a “wave” rather than a “Monster Wave”. No sign of any monsters.

I believe that according to classical fluid dynamics boats shouldn’t be able to float.

It’s not true, but I believe it.

I’ve not got many boat stories myself, but my mum used to live on a boat. It was a beached Thames barge on the river Medway near Rochester, and my cousins used to live on, and run, a floating b&b on two narrow boats in the west country. That sounded fun.

Doesn’t sound like it would be fun for @Epimer

Wonderful series of books, this.

When I was in a bit of a precarious living situation in Oxford I looked at renting a house boat to save some money. Except it was only about £50 a month cheaper and I didn’t fancy the toilet situation. Or the swans.

I came close to buying a boat in the early 10s. Nothing special, just a dinghy. My plan was to sail her up the west coast past villages and towns and if anybody asked how I got her I’d say “I saved my money”


When we visited Salzburg, which is essentially a big boring Mozart theme park, we saw a tourist boat going up the river while some guide pointed out places where Mozart once ate a sandwich. When it got to the end they blasted out some really loud classical music (presumably Mozart) and the boat did a waltz (span round in circles a bit). Probably my only memory of Salzburg come to think of it.

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