Bob Mortimer: Rolling thread


A thread for all things Bob.




Still quite possibly the funniest thing ive ever seen.


Haven’t seen any of this series. Any good?


Atletico Mince on the telly.

Poor annoying Get in the Sea guy.


Any excuse to revisit this

Best comedian/funniest person there is.


Yeah it is


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Bobs bits from Would I Lie To You




He is the funniest man alive



That fishing show that he did with Paul Whitehouse was brilliant.

Once saw him in Costa. This is the back of his head:


My favourite thing about this is how she WAS a fucking nightmare, and they showed her reaction to Nish and Mark’s song the whole way through, but they didn’t show her face once during Bob, Sally and Aislings, presumably because she was really offended.




We watched this for the first time this week and I still can’t stop singing it.

Rosalinds a fucking nightmare!


He is consistently the star of this show. I have watched the ‘dentistry’ yarn so many times on youtube. The beer brewing one and the egg in the bath one were also great.


Is it controversial to say he’s funnier without Vic?

He is funnier without Vic


“True or false; does Kerry Katona actually own any cats?”