Bob Mortimer: Rolling thread


The Peter Beardsley stuff on AM is up there with his absolute best work.


His coconut businessman thing properly did me. Brilliant.


The first time he did Peter Beardsley on Mince, I was listening pre-game at a ground (Eastleigh I think), standing on the terraces in absolute fucking tears of laughter. Steward asked if I was okay or needed to call anyone :rofl:

Lemme see if I can find what episode it was…


I think that, the Gangs of the EPL on holiday in Magaluf (blue drink, YETH PLEATH), and the Bugle episode where John meets Rihanna and Andy does the Germans landing on a comet are my fave podcast moments ever.


10m30 in this.


never watched much Bob Mortimer before but I think he might be the first funny comedian!


I enjoy watching the bowl go round and round has just fully done me.


One of the Peter Beardsley jokes in he most recent episode had me cackling like a witch on the train on Sunday. Can’t even think what it was. Bob is the best.

Oh, it was the baby on the bus one. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



For some reason I was watching the video for Dizzy by Vic Reeves the other night, I hadn’t realised Bob was in the video too. He’s really young and adorable looking:


Just the video title has me laughing!


What an absolute boy.

Part 2 of his WILTY best bits here


I also have a lot of love for the supermarket song


Hes the only person who does bearable comedy songs



The way he just launches into this kills me. Andy almost chokes.


met him twice but not actually that familiar with his stuff outside of the odd Shooting Stars episode and that one he did in the shit village or whatever




YES! Was singing this in the car on the way to Sainbos just last week :rofl: