Bob Mortimer: Rolling thread



this is so haunting


Well you look nowt like him!

I love on that how Matthew Kelly has a gallows on his head for no reason



Oooooohhhhh yez!


Big fan of the South Africa stories…


big fan of little details like that


(i know this is Vic but still)


Andy Dawson’s overall contribution (as a straight man as well as his bits):

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It wouldn’t work without him for Bob to bounce off, he’s better as the straight man though.

Without him the Sunderland songs wouldn’t exist…


Hes not as funny but him creasing at Bob makes the show so much better


had to just turn this off to control laughter after the penguin/kiosk story. :joy:


These just ruin me. It’s got to the point where all South African accents are now hilarious to me.


I think they are the only comedians on Twitter that are actually funny.


Can’t get into Athletico Mince for some reason don’t know why


Like all of his stuff, it’s much better in small doses.


And think there’s dwindling returns on the repeat content, after the first 2/3 times they appear.


Become completely obsessed with this


Just been walking around randomly thinking


For the past few days


The way he says “oh fucking hell” at the end :grin:


JFC the latest Athletico Mince is brilliant. Peter Beardsley :joy::joy::joy: