Bob Mortimer: Rolling thread


Eh? I loved the bit with Bob’s anti-tremor horn. Also liked the Adrian Lewis meat feast when they first did it (but not the second or third time they did it). Don’t know if I can be bothered paying for AM though…


Yeah odd bits have still been good, but in general there was a bit of a slump in quality for a few weeks. Is that what they’re doing now? I don’t know whether I’ll pay for it tbh

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Just looked into it. Premium is only for advanced podcasts and some extra bits. NFM, C.


Yes you get the podcast earlier and access to some compilation episodes


He was on Travel Man with Richard Ayoade in Hamburg. Decent episode and some good Bob moments

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Just discovered the YouTube videos of “Keith” and his phone-calls to Iain Lee’s late-night radio show.

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Jordan Henderson’s kitchen completely did me today :joy: