Bob Mould

Where to start with his output? Really wanna hear morw Husker Du but theres loads.

Whats the best songs to start with, for Husker or Sugar or any other bands he is involved in?

Pretty much any Husker Du surpasses all the rest of his output. Zen Arcade is a blueprint for so much music even though it’s initially a bit difficult to an untrained ear. Explosive stuff. This, penned by Hart (I think) is an excellent place to start with Husker Du.


New Day Rising (Husker Du), Beaster (Sugar) and Black Sheets of Rain or District Line (Bob) would be my choices for each era/whatever you want to call it. If just Husker, then New Day Rising and Zen Arcade. Copper Blue by Sugar generally be held as their best album but it’s a bit samey (and Beaster is better).

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New Day Rising.

I really like Candy Apple Grey by Husker Du - the production is super low-fi though, but it’s a beast.

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Copper Blue is a relatively easy point to start with Bob, I think


His last two solo albums, Copper Blue by Sugar, and Zen Arcade by Husker Du.

This is killer:

Also I made a playlist

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Brilliant ! Thanks

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Zen Arcade → New Day Rising → Flip Your Wig → Candy Apple Grey → Warehouse… always chronological for me

The Living End is great also

genuinely think beaster is the best thing he’s ever done (and he’s done some seriously good stuff)

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I started with Sugar’s Copper Blue back in 1992 and I’d say you’ll enjoy doing the same.


Love Bob Mould, but he’s really beginning to look like a grunge Jim Broadbent.

I’ve made this recommendation more than once and it works well: Go backward using select albums. You’ll go on an adventure from pop rock to indie rock to hardcore punk.

Start with Bob’s best two recent solo albums which are accessible and fun: Beauty and Ruin, and Silver Age. Then listen to Sugar’s best album, Copper Blue. Then you get into Husker du. Warehouse is great but start with Candy Apple Gray. It’s a great pop alternative rock album. Then do Flip Your Whig and then the seminal Zen Arcade followed finally by their brutally heavy early Metal Circus EP.

If you like the super heavy stuff go back later for Land Speed Record and Everything Falls Apart so you can see how they had a huge hand in birthing hardcore punk. If you like the pop punk stuff more go back and listen to Warehouse and New Day Rising. If you’re a 90s kid and loved Copper Blue, check out Sugar’s other album Beaster. Enjoy!

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As @ithica says, his last solo album Patch The Sky is brilliant. Copper Blue too.

Funny how nobody has mentioned “File Under: Easy Listening” by Sugar. That’s one to miss out.

Gift and Your Favourite Thing are great but even Mould has disowned the album.

I’d say for Husker Du then my go to album would be New Day Rising. However there is much to love in their back catalogue and you can really hear the sound of American alternative rock being born on some of the later albums. If you are a fan of the sharper edged, more aggressive music then get a copy of the Metal Circus ep too. There’s some great short, sharp, shock, stuff on there.

You can’t really go to far wrong with Sugar (although as has been previously mentioned no-one has much love for File Under Easy Listening). You can pick up a boxset of all Sugars albums including the live album and the brilliant B’Sides relatively cheaply.

As for solo stuff, again I would vote for the last two solo albums (Patch The Sky particularly).

I would also recommend trying to get hold of a copy of ‘Live at ATP 2008’ which has a great mix of stuff from throughout his career.

Finally I leave you with this a) because it’s awesome and b) because it shows Dave Grohl in his rightful place - knocking seven shades of shite out of a drum kit (you’ve got to love the little look round that Bob has at the 0:47)