Bob Stanley and Sainsburys

He wants to put music back on the high street apparently. When did music disappear from the high street ? I hadn’t noticed.

Bit weird, but I’ve no real problem with compilations appearing in supermarkets.

Are they going to be putting supermarkets back on the high street at the same time?


the issue I have and I guess lots of small record companies will have will be if they start repressing loads of shit and clogging up the pressing plants. But to be fair, you go into HMV these days and since they started to sell vinyl again it seems to be mostly “classics” repressed so I guess it’s already happening.

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Dear Mark Savage,


have a word with yourself

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christ, you haven’t read to the end yet of the article yet then ?!

I didn’t get past that opening line. I screenshat & closed the window immediately



pretty standard DiS level puns to be honest.


I quite like the idea of ‘‘Hear the Difference’’ Vinyl.


but the BBC has standards Bam, DiS doesn’t :slight_smile:


I noticed Sainsbury’s recently did some exclusive colour vinyl re-issues of Madonna’s late 80s/early 90s albums. All seems a bit opportunist by the supermarkets, on the back of growing record sales, but I suppose that’s market forces…

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The BBC entertainment (and arts, apparently) news service is a load of fucking tripe these days. When did they decide to become a rival to The Sun’s Bizarre column?

Ryvita Ora has done me


It’ll be situated near the in-store bakery so you can really feel the warmth.

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I haven’t seen vinyl in Sainsburys but I HAVE seen it being sold in (Flying) Tiger - they always seem to have tons of picture discs of smell the glove by Spinal Tap which seems suitably random

What other weird high street places is it being sold in, please?

I quite like the idea of vinyl in supermarkets - but then I’m old enough to remember when Woolworths had a whole wall where it stocked the top 40 singles & albums

I don’t understand really why music purchased on a whim at the checkout is of any less value than a lazy click on a Spotify playlist - quite the contrary

obvs the fetishisation of vinyl is another issue & essentially all this is is Bob Stanley being given a the job to compile 20 song playlists in singular units of vinyl form

hope they’re pocket-money prices is all

Mate, my puns are prosecco-winning (ask @iamwiggy ?)

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*Bob Stanners and Sainos