Heard these guys being played on Radio 6 Music a few times and like what they’re doing. No-one seems to have mentioned so-far that they sound just like Ikara Colt did.

I saw them at the Great Escape (although the start was watched from a doorway as it was so packed)

They are great live

Are they the ones that did Jack in Titanic? Like that song quite a lot. They’re very, very Steve Lamacq.

caught them at the poetry club in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago, they were fucking excellent. loads of energy.
really quite parquet courtsy which is no bad thing, and I believe one of the parquet court fellows has been producing their record.

New album announced:

They’re very good live, partially because they’re a bit mental

I think they may be one of those bands that gets boring quickly sadly

Jesus. Did anyone request a Chumbawumba injected Parquet Courts?

I think they did not.

More like a mini-album, only 7 tracks, will probably be 10-15 minutes!