Body in the Thames - Plasticine Pyramids LP



After whittling it down to this:

and (as I mentioned in @ruffers thread yesterday) not being able to find a label to press up some physical I’ve decided to self-release my DEBUT LP digitally

It won’t be on all your streaming platforms until the ‘official’ release date which is Sept 15th but I’ve stuck it on Bandcamp so you can get it now if you fancy

It’s …err… An eclectic, psychedelic mix of ambient, club & soundtrack electronica with heavy doses of screwed-down futurefunk…made using analogue synthesizers & drum machines

I’m quite proud of it - I think it’s quite strong imhho

Give it a listen yeah

Thanks babes

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Are you tagging me here to listen to this


I guess maybe I am (I want everyone to listen to it of course) but really I’m acknowledging that your comments yesterday gave me the push to release it myself instead of just sitting on it which really would be a waste so, thanks



YES! :heart_eyes:


I’m just really impressed


First impressions are that it kinda sounds like Royksopp. Don’t know why but it’s also a bit more mellow that I expected. Nice though.


I thought you’d be the first one on this, cheers for your input along the way man, much appreciated

@DarwinBabe thanks DD

@Ruffers Royksopp are definitely a deep down influence somewhere. Actually, I was listening to shuffle & Caribou’s Odessa from Swim came on & for a good couple minutes (before he stars singing) I could have sworn it was a Royksopp track. I guess they’re more influential than they’re given credit for


Just bunging it on my iPod now



if it’s anywhere NEAR as good as Where does a child hide in a small town like this? then I am very excited.


Tommy Afterglow is making me happy


This is great, man!


I’ll have a listen to this later on!

Where would one find your back catalogue?


I dig the sixth track, reminds me more of early 90s Aphex Twin


nice one

all the currently available releases are on the Bandcamp

they are also all (or most of them) on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music/iTunes, Google Play & Deezer - just search ‘Body in the Thames’


Sweet - will do.



yeah, to be honest I haven’t really progressed much in the checks calendar three years since I did that track :slight_smile:
Tommy Afterglow… is probably closest to that one in terms of style


Good man - thanks for the dl :heart:


cheers man

and @ruffers… no 90s Aphex Twin tracks were harmed in the making of this album :slight_smile:


fucking shit.


oh, sorry I meant this is pretty pretty good! I love this wonky first track.