Body Odour (BO)

How whiffy are you?

I’m usually about average I think, but I think all of the poisoning of myself I’ve been doing combined with this heat has given me an acidic tang today, and it’s making me paranoid whenever someone walks near me. You’re supposed to get numb to your own odour, but even I can notice this, I must be horrendous.

One guy I used to work with had the most acidic, acrid BO. Assumed it was because he didn’t wash, but was in the shower next to him at the gym one time, the guy spent just as long in there as me, then put new clothes on afterwards and within 30 minutes was already back to his old ways. Just couldn’t win.

used to be fine - to the extent I just used deodorant rather than antiperspirant

recent years I’ve noticed myself stinking from time to time so I’ve switched to anti antiperspirant.

all the worst stinkers I’ve been around have (I think) been more due to a failure to wash clothes regularly. There used to be a warehouse guy at the supermarket I worked at who reeked, pretty sure he just never washed his work coat thing

I don’t smell bad but I am a very sweaty person.


I smell delightful I reckon

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Thought this was a thread about a new HBO
series for a second there

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I have been told that I’m not that kind of smelly.

There’s nothing like going to a penoid tournament to convince yourself that you’re a relative paragon of good hygiene, though.


I’m very, very sweaty but don’t often smell too bad.

I used to work with someone who smelled so bad that her manager had to have a word. Awkward.


I don’t think I smell bad but that won’t stop me being constantly paranoid about it.


I’m a very sweaty man and I sometimes stink as a result.

Is that what you want to hear?

smell wonderful due to my ethnic placement on this science map.

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Yeah. I was friends with her boss and she was agonising over how to do it. But equally it was getting so bad that teams at the other end of the (open plan) office were complaining.

She also used to love to stretch with her arms up and then hold them up over her head for a while. It was like she was doing it on purpose.

I think (but can’t remember) that when her boss raised it, she said that she didn’t use deodorant and would try and be a bit cleaner. Don’t think it worked.

Maybe he has a medical condition.

I used to work with a guy that had severe body odour due to a medical condition. Obviously he didn’t tell me that, but it was well known.

The more water I drink, the less I smell but the more I sweat, currently a sweaty betty

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After I go for a run my left armpit smells pretty bad but the right doesn’t really smell at all. Explain that, science.

I mainly smell of Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil on accounts of how I, Jason Coleslaw am a baby.


Well yes, but now I feel bad for asking

I’m usually fairly fine, unless in clothes that need a thorough vinigaring, but last night while punching the air in appreciation of Slowdive, i noticed i absolutely disgusted myself. Bit whiffy, you see, but i’ve not washed properly sinve friday morning. Oooh, which reminds me, at Readipop last weekend, 'er who’d made friends with some guy while dancing, had made friends with a guy while dancing, and during whatever conversation we were having, i mentioned my anxiety about clapping upside my head, for fear of visibly sweaty pits, to which his obvious response was to lean in and sniff them, before assuring me i was fine.

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A few guys I’ve been near at the gym have had…spunky smelling BO.

Strange. I suppose it might be that they have been frequently ejaculating on themselves since they last showered and the sweating has caused it to run. In that case I would imagine that some of the particles become airborn from the air conditioning, meaning that other people take those particles into their lungs.

What about the people in the middle of the line?