Body Odour (BO)

I very rarely pong nowadays but used to be able to stink it up if I wasn’t careful (and I was careful). I’m not sure what happened. Wisdom?

Oh I smell bad btw. I sweat loads and use natural deodorant.

The smell permeates some gym tops and even a wash won’t get the smell out!

If anyone was to tell me I smell bad I think I would respond with “stop smelling me”

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  • find body odour offensive (not including people who don’t have access to washing facilities)
  • don’t find body odour offensive

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Rabat and Algiers will be disappointed with that

Offensive, no. A bit annoying sometimes maybe

I don’t think I actually have an issue with it, but I sweat a lot because of my gross body and constant anxiety, so I’m always paranoid about it. Gets particularly acute when having a bad MH day. Skipped that DiS pizza dinner club a few months back because I was having a rotten day, it was roasting, and I couldn’t get on the tube there for fear of absolutely stinking at the other end.

Reckon if I had to get the tube to work rn I’d just be working at home all the time.

I’ve always sweated a lot, but I have been told that I don’t smell too bad, although I can notice it myself if it’s the day after eating something a bit spicy.

However, in the past couple of years, I have started to notice that at the end of a long, hot day, I smell a bit cheesy (which is different to the usual sweaty smell).

In this heat I always shower when I get up and also again before I go to bed, I didn’t shower before bed yesterday and was a horrible sweaty mess when I awoke.

My armpits can sometimes get a bit whiffy even with anti perspirant on. At these times I do my best to my upper arms against my sides so they don’t bother others on the tube etc.

Offensive is probably too strong a word in hindsight. I am a bit of a germophobe though, and don’t really deal well with BO and odours in general.

You packing deo in your rucksack/handbag/satchel/tote in this weather

  • Yup
  • Nope

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Why has this idea never struck me?


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I don’t carry a bag, I have deo at my regular destinations though.

The barbers?

I obtain a similar sense of self-satisfaction by walking into my local CeX store.


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I was on a TA exercise from Friday night to Sunday night and was near constantly sweaty and had my boots on the whole time. My feet still stink even after washing them twice in the shower and dousing them with shower gel and really getting in there between the toes. Might have to get a foot bowl to soak them and get some essential oils involved also

Have one in my drawer at work, obviously.

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I don’t consider the barber to be one of my regular destinations, in any case it is only a short walk from one of my actual regular destinations that has deo at it.

What about on the weekend hoogs?




arranged in or constituting a constant or definite pattern, especially with the same space between individual instances.

recurring at uniform intervals.

“a regular monthly check”