Bog Floor Money

In my work bog this morning there was a 20p piece lying on the floor next to the bowl. I didn’t pick it up.

What sum of money would be sufficient for you to pick it up off a bog floor at your work? Feel free to insert any caveats, special cases or ingenious cheats into your argument.

I reckon I might pick up a £2 coin if it wasn’t obviously in a puddle of piss and if I could wash it immediately.

This thread is crying out for a poll

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Be my guest.

Should this thread have had a poll in the OP?

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I’d leave it for the next bog person to pick up.

Mate we had a vote in 2016. Do you hate democracy or something?


Work bog floor = £1

Other bogs = it would have to be a note

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Well notes bring their own special issues don’t they.

Also, is this because librarians are statistically unlikely to piss on the floor?

my work bogs are incredibly clean

but not “50p clean”?

Currently 20p in my work bogs toilet bowl

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There’s taps right there so I’m down for whatever.


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20p from the floor
£1 from the sink
£2 from inside a cubicle
£20 from an unflushed shit

I’m liking the (correct) inference that a work bog sink is likely to be five times more disgusting than the floor.

Less far to bend down though. Which is why ‘work bog sink cash’ is an anagram of ‘shocking abs work’

£1 upwards only, easier to get a good purchase on the edges to lift in one swift (hopefully piss free) movement. Worried a smaller coin would skid around. On the street, I’d pick up anything 1p up.


  • Less of an issue now notes are plastic
  • Same issue

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50p, but to be fair you’ve no idea where the change you currently have was picked up from by the person who gave it to you.