boiling the kettle - what uses more gas/electricity?

filling with hot, then boiling? or filling with cold…?

I don’t think I’ve ever boiled a kettle

Which is the most energy-efficient method of boiling water?

  • Filling the kettle with water from the hot tap and boiling it
  • Filling the kettle with cold water and letting the kettle do all the heating work
  • Other

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Don’t pass the buck back to the consumer, I need answers.


This looks better

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No one is seriously filling a kettle with hot water are they?


Ma Gorkys had me convinced that the “copper death water” from the tank was harmful.
Not with gas central heating though, as there’s no tank


i think probably filling it with hot would be more efficient but im not going to do it, im not an animal



I warm it between my thighs


My mum used to tell me off if I filled the kettle from the hot tap (not as an attempt to be more efficient, just sometimes that was the easier tap to turn), because “it’ll damage the kettle”

Never managed to figure that one out

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Kettles function on temperature not time so no difference just shorter boil time

Kettle on a stove, more common in America from how I understand

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Lots of hot water from the 70s came from a tank with more crud in it. That’s why you often hear people telling u not to drink from the hot water tap. My house has such a tank and as a result I shouldn’t drink the hot water

Every once in a while I fill the kettle with ice just to put it through it’s paces.



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:sweat: christ cant believe I didn’t pick up on that lol

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Have I told the story about my girlfriends first year halls flatmate.

First he tried to make pasta by just stirring it around a dry pan with some pasta. “babes, whys my pasta all crunchy?” she told him you needed to boil pasta for 10 minutes. Next day she came in and he had emptied a pack of pasta into the kettle, filled it with water and was stood over it pressing the button whenever it boiled


I would think the power needed to fire up the combi boiler and draw hot water through to fill the kettle would hot water would be more than boiling water from cold.

Times like these we miss @marckee most isn’t it.


i use a stove top kettle