boiling the kettle - what uses more gas/electricity?

the boiler would be more efficient at heating water than a kettle, however i think by the time the heated water travels through the pipework and out the tap you will have introduced more heat losses than you would through kettle alone. so reckon kettle is more efficient.

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met a lot of people that still have a phobia about drinking straight from the cold tap. worried about dead seagulls in the tank and all sorts.

You’re not supposed to boil it for coffee dude

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Oh I’m sure, just saying it’s deff not the inferior option

I’m gonna get a daft looking kettle soon that turns itself off at the correct coffee temp


you cant win


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You’re not meant to used boiled water for coffee, take if off before the boil so as to not scauld it

Winners drink coffee that isnt made with boiled water


Hello, friend

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How would you not use boiling water in a percolator or drip filter? They both boil the water


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yes you have.

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I’ve used a kettle to boil water



no you haven’t

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