Bojack Horseman





What are youuuuu doing here?


Stoked for this. Season 3 was great but I never had the compulsion to rewatch it, like I did with the first 2 seasons, possibly due to it upping the levels of bleakness again.


Yeah, the only one I rewatched from the 3rd season was the underwater episode (the musical one) because that is, in my opinion, the high point of the show to this date.

It’s not that it wasn’t good, it was fantastic, but it’s bleak as fuck.

I’m very grateful for this show though, it really helps me when I’m having a tough time, because it nails the feeling of loneliness, depression, and vulnerability in a way that I don’t think any other comedy has. The emotional range it covers is outstanding.


:heart: The theme tune
:heart: Vincent Adultman
:heart: Get That Foetus, Kill That Foetus :musical_note: (legit banger though isn’t it)
:broken_heart: Sarah Lynn’s death


Oooooooh. Forgot about this amidst the Rick & Morty Wubbalubbadubdublovein.



That’s too much, man!


Can’t wait for this! I hated it at first cause I hate cartoons (cause of the Simpsons) but now I love it and I love it the more bleaker it gets.
I love how it’s so sad and it’s a fucking cartoon???


In this world, you can either do things the easy way or the right way. You take a boat from here to New York, you gonna go around the horn like a gentleman or cut through the Panama Canal like some kind of democrat?



Sounds like I need to get on this.

Bleak as fuck <3



Love how Bojack puts on his Eddie Vedder voice for the 90s song:

:notes: generic 90s grunge sawng
everywawn in flannulll
generic 90s grunge sawng
something from Seattulll :notes:

Joke density on this show is through the roof (the signs in the background omg)


good news

took me 2 goes to get into it, but love it now. Big fan of the bleak


Also has Alison Brie been in anything that’s not good?


I love Bojack but I felt like I’d had enough at the end of Season 3. I felt like pulling the the ‘how low can Bojack go episode 11/faint hope of redemption episode 12’ trick for a third time in a row was a bit cynical. If they use that again in season 4 then fuck it and the horse it rode in on. Um, so to speak.

Really hope they do something a bit different this time around.


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Am doing a Bojack rewatch now - this is one of my fave shows, I reckon. Loads of little character moments and background jokes that I missed the first time around! Currently loving Lisa Kudrow as an owl from the 80s.

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