Bojack Horseman


That terrible season of Community?


Slap my salami, the guy’s a commie


Just started watching from the very start… 9m23s in and so far so good!


Best character?


Beloved Character Actress Margo Martindale


A Ryan Seacrest type.


I reckon the intro has a few hints about the overall story. Seems to change subtly with each season but always ends with Bojack falling out of his house into the swimming pool. Pretty sure he’s going to die in the last ever episode :cry:


I’ve never seen it but if you like it and also hate the Simpsons then maybe I will like it because I don’t like the Simpsons.



Yeah it took me a few goes to get over the “it’s a cartoon and I’m an adult” thing. But I think that’s where it being super bleak at times makes it so brilliant cause you do forget it’s a cartoon and you’re like why am I crying whilst I watching a cartoon

Simpsons is dogshit tho. I don’t know why I hate it but I’ve always found it insanely irritating.


This post made me think of this


Bojack only actually works when its not being funny, which is thankfully most of the time. Todd can fuck off and die.




Is incredible how the simpsons (golden era) is still comfortably better than any animated comedy that’s come since despite being made for an incredibly broad audience and being fully family friendly, innit.


Bullshit. It’s crap and unfunny and people are trying to claim it like it’s come kind of cult following where adults post simpsons pictures in response to stuff and it’s just strange. You’re all strange.



Simpsons fans are so sensitive! Clearly the biggest bed wetters of all bed wetters.





The other responses were examples of the Simpsons being super emotional too. While you are completely right about Bojack’s emotional resonance I just wanted to post an example of the Simpsons doing the same thing without getting into an argument :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

See also: Futurama