Bojack Horseman


Cannot watch this without tearing up.


Oh god futurama is soooooooooo shite


it’s very inconsistent, sure, but when it’s great it’s really great


Zap request


Getting annoyed with the hot takes in here.

Clearly Bojack is good, and deals with the emotional stuff well.

Clearly The Simpsons is not shit (well, it wasn’t. In its heyday it was absolutely brilliant).

Clear Futurama is not soooooooo shite.

Let’s all get along shall we?


I mean fucking hell I watched it at work. I knew what it was, and I watched it at work.



OMG! My favourite US actress EVER… S2E7.

Sure it’s her. Oh, Claudia Jean.


Or not?!?!?!


don’t think i’d ever come across someone that didn’t like the simpsons till i read this thread

i mean logically if you’d asked me i’d have said that must be an opinion held by some people but still…

yet another thing DiS has taught me about life!


New trailer

Just finished a rewatch of the first three seasons, so so good and dozens of visual gags I missed the first time. Can’t wait for it to come back.


bit thinkpiecebot, but i honestly think this and the sopranos are the best depictions of depression i’ve personally seen. just wish i looked as cool as bojack in the intro credits.


Sep 8th? Excellent! Probably my favourite show.


So excited / nervous!

“This season’s look at Todd is equally nuanced and it does a lot with his discovery last season that he’s asexual. The show handles this territory in a deeply respectful way and it ends up becoming a really sweet story of self-discovery. At the same time, Todd’s character doesn’t revolve around his recent realization. It’s a component of who he is, but it by no means dominates what he’s up to this year. There’s still plenty of harebrained nonsense like clown dentists (and dentist clowns) coming out of this ridiculous character. There’s also plenty of Todd and Mr. Peanut Butter together, which is always just sheer bliss. The way in which these two fools encourage each other and bolster one another’s nonsense with such confidence is beautiful.”


This is coming out on my 3 day weekend, huzzaaaah

I say like i’m not going to atch the whole thing in one night


It’s the 8th September here and it’s still not available to download!!! Argh!! I wanted to binge it on the plane home. This is annoying.


Wasn’t sept 8th in US yet :wink:


Started watching this recently and am 2/3 of the way through season 3. Favourite ‘Bojack being a dickhead’ moment so far was him spurning the chance to win a million dollars for charity just to spite Daniel Radcliffe

Also loved:

‘If our love was a Meryl Streep movie, it’d be…Doubt’


3 episodes into season 4

This show is bloody great isn’t it? Like legit one of my fav tv shows ever


we just binge-watched all of season 4 in one sitting. wow. :heart:


This is so fucking good.

I’m only two episodes in and my heart has already been kicked squarely in the balls. It’s in bits. “Why, I have a half a mind…” Christ.